We, here, at the Explorers Home are a couple that believe adventure shouldn’t be limited to far corners of the world. We think that people should be able to enjoy the freedom of exploring their own town, countryside and forests. Its not about flying to unheard of countries and thrashing about in rainforests in places that you can’t even pronounce, its about being able to enjoy what you have in the here and now. We want to be able to show you how we do it and hopefully we inspire you, just a little bit, to get out and do the same for yourself and others as well.

We try to review as much kit as we can get our hands on at the Explorers Home. We say “review”, we basically just test it to death and often after a beer and having staggered tens of miles on a hike. What other way to test kit is there? besides, we like surprises and kit should be built to be used this way. Although we may get kit passed to us for review, we are not sponsored, so all of our reviews are impartial and brutal. Check them out below or on the reviews page.

We do take people along on our adventures when people are silly enough to volunteer! If you want to be one of the (un)lucky few to be accepted into the adventure ranks, get in touch! Similarly, we also have people contributing to the Explorers Home now and then so if you are interested, get in touch!