So these are the adventures. We here at the Explorers Home are humbled to say that we have been lucky enough to travel the world a bit and we will write about that all here amongst other things. The bulk of what we promote though is adventure where you are right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a city or in the middle of nowhere – we live in zone two of London, you don’t get much more built up than that so there are no excuses. We want to show the world that it is as simple as it sounds to get out and see whats around you. It doesn’t take money, it doesn’t take super expensive kit, it doesn’t take amazing weather. all it takes is the right attitude and a will to explore.

The adventures here could be anything from a cheap Megabus getaway to Bristol or a week long camping and cycling trip like we have planned for the summer (more on that in the Future Plans section!), to getting filthy, bruised and battered climbing trees and geocaching in the local woods or park. We will write about our adventures wherever we end up and whenever we can, so please stick around to see what crops up!

You may also see posts from people other than Vaughan & Katie here, we do sometimes invite other people (pronounced: victims) to join us on our adventures and write about it here. We also welcome submissions of posts from other people around the world. All that we ask is that you truly want to share the story and that its relevant to what we are trying to promote. Get in touch and share the love.

Adventures on paper flying through the air. The Explorers Home

One journey around the sun – a year on

Hello friends It has been a wee while since I’ve written anything with purpose and meaning and to introduce our son to you provides both of those things, to me. The Explorers Home enters its fourth year and we remain grateful for this platform as it has opened up many opportunities for us and [...]

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A mini moon adventure

Flights to Bilbao, Thailand, sleeper trains to Scotland, bugger me we even looked at all inclusive holidays. ’Shall we go and get lost in the Peak District?’ Return journey from London to Sheffield was booked three weeks in advance and cost £8.50 for the two of us, wouldn't have got that [...]

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Climbing Carrauntoohil

Mum is slowly getting over the trauma that is the congratulating tune that happens at the end of any Ryanair flight and the tension builds with three sets of staring eyeballs focusing on only two things; me and the view from the taxi windows. [...]

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Florence vs My Northern Granny – Part Two

Psssssst If you missed part one, check it out here! “When you start to plan a trip abroad your first impulse is often to reach for a traditional guide book. You go into a bookshop and seek out the travel section. There the world is divided and subdivided [...]

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Bournemouth wild camping and cycling

Exploring Bournemouth on two wee wheels The UK as we know has some gorgeous beach locations, the South with its stunning sandy beaches and cute coastal towns and the North with the best chips and crabbing seasons (no pun intended). Except for Grimsby. A Northern lass myself, I spent [...]

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