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Im just going to throw this out there – I break a lot of stuff in my kit reviews. I’m really talented at testing things to their limits and most items that I test don’t hold up to what they claim to be once I have had a good thrashing at them. With that being said… I have got a decent collection of stuff together now that I haven’t managed to destroy – Huzzah! So, with that out of the way…

We do quite a lot of camping, walking, cooking and exploration kit reviews here. We are in the process of migrating over the old reviews after the site rebuild so bare with us. We We do kit reviews independently and unbiased. We are not sponsored, although we may be sent test kit now and then, so all of our kit reviews are honest and thorough. We are not the sort to be arguing over a few grams difference in the weight of something unless of course we are testing something that is using its weight as a factor (ultralight kit for example). We will usually test kit whilst we are out on a hike, camping or otherwise on an actual adventure. We feel that this is the most honest way of testing equipment as it puts you in the spot of needing it to work, as opposed to just taking it to the park and seeing whether it looks like the picture on the box.

If you would like anything reviewing that you have seen that we have, let us know and we will post it up. We are actually in the process of reviewing everything in house at the moment and so these will come about sooner or later, but with everything else going on it may well be later. Shout (very loudly) if you want something in the sooner category and we will make it happen!

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The Elliot Brown Bloxworth Review

The Elliot Brown Bloxworth Chronograph Watch Review I'm not a watch person. Well, more accurately: I wasn't a watch person until very recently. "Who needs a watch when you have a phone, that tells the time, right?" I would say, whenever it ever came up in conversation. In my minds eye, a watch was [...]

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Ultimate Performance Peak 2 22L Day Pack Review

Ultimate Performance Peak 2 22L Day Pack Review When it comes to sporting specialist kit such as sports supports, braces and hydration kit, you usually look to people like Ultimate Performance. Well, the clever team at UP have decided to make the bold leap into day sacks. A hugely competitive market demands something [...]

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Nikwax Down Proof Wash In Review

Nikwax Down Proof Wash In Review You know when you have those "well, shit" moments and you think that you have completely destroyed one of your best loved pieces of kit? Well, doing the Nikwax Down Proof Wash-in review caused one of those moments. Pulling my beloved Uniqlo down jacket (yup, thats right!) out [...]

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Lowe Alpine Spark 18 review

Whilst filling our cooking pots with garlic onions and chicken and waiting for socks to dry in Windermere in September last year, we were also making a journey plan to Kendal. For in Kendal is the Lowe Alpine HQ! I'd made contact with the Area Sales Manager, Stephen [...]

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Adidas Terrex Boost

Figuratively, the Adidas Terrex Boosts haven’t left my feet since I started trailing them in May this year. I’ve never owned a pair of trainers in my life and have always silently questioned the female commuters on who travel on the London underground in fancy dresses and their trainers. I’m now one of those women. [...]

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