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Future plans on top of carrauntoohil the explorers home

So these are the Future Plans. We all have something that we want to do right? Well our dream is to adventure and explore. That is pretty much it! We want to be free of society (don’t we all eh?) and be able to wander through the world exploring new places and learning things that we never did before. Sounds great right?

What if I told you that you can still have a perfectly normal day job and still adventure? Crazy huh?! Lets look at the numbers – the average person has one hundred and twelve days off each year. Thats a scary thought right there isn’t it! Lets drill a bit deeper – the average person, assuming you work a 9-5pm job, has 6736 hours spare each year. Don’t you dare tell me that you haven’t got time to get out there and do it! We all make excuses like “its too cold” or “I don’t have the right kit”. Fact is, if you’re going to carry on making excuses then you’re reading the wrong blog. you don’t need super expensive kit, you don’t need weeks at a time free, you just need the drive to get out there and have great future plans. Nightly microadventures are the name of the game for the super busy and they’re super simple as well! A sleeping bag, a bivi bag, a thermos full of hot soup and a starry sky. What else do you think you need?

This is a collection of what we have planned for the future. A collection of our hopes, ramblings, plans and bucket lists. Everything will get dropped into here at some point until we get around to doing it. Why not join us and contribute a post to what you want to do and how you see the future working out for your adventures? You never know, you might surprise yourself!

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